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Corporate Training in Gurgaon

Business English

Business Etiquettes

Portfolio Management

MNC Governance

Interview Skills

High Powered Group Discussion

International Business Culture

American and British Accents

Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening International English


Soft Skills Training Course in Gurgaon

[Reading materials, PPTs and Activities for Self-Practice]

1. What are Soft Skills?

2. Assertiveness Skills

3. Business Etiquette and Manners

4. Presentation Skills

5. Conflict Resolution Skills

6. Expectation Management

7. Effective Time Management

8. Interpersonal Skills

9. Leadership and Team Work

10. Networking skills

11. Personal Effectiveness

12. Personality Development

13. Positive-Mental Attitude

14. Professional Etiquette and Grooming

15. Stress Management Skills

16. Team Building & Working in Teams

17. Pep Talk

18. Email Etiquette

19. Negotiation skills

20. Workplace Identity


Advance Excel

Why Advanced Excel ?

Today, almost every job position in the financial sector requires knowledge of Advanced Excel. Any academic course in finance or accounting remains incomplete without the practical knowledge of MS Excel. Even non-finance MBA professionals use Excel for a significant portion of their work.


Recruiters prefer candidates who know how to apply Excel functions and techniques in Finance, Audit and MIS reporting.


Who should do the course ?

Working professionals

Students of Commerce ( M.Com, B.Com )

Students of Management ( MBA, BBA, BBM )

Students of Professional courses ( CA, CFA, FRM etc. )


Course content:




Data formats

Paste Special (Value, Transpose)

Find & Replace

Formatting (cell, style)

Absolute & relative referencing

Super-essential keyboard shortcuts

MIS reporting

Pivot Table


Freeze/Unfreeze panes

Page Setup & Print formatting

Data Validation (list)

Grouping and Subtotaling

Security & File Protection

Conditional Formatting

Logical functions


Nested IF statements

AND(), OR()

Data Extraction

VLookup(), HLookup()

VLookup() with Match()

Text to Columns

Index() and Match()

Left(), Right()


Specific formulas

Sumif(), Countif(),

Isblank(), Istext(), Isnumber()

Concatenate(), Round()

Sum(), Max(), Min(), Average()

Day(), Month(), Year(), Date()

SumProduct() … and More

What-IF Analysis

Data Tables

Goal Seek

Training details:

Duration: 12 to 15 days) 10-days weekday Crash course) Saturday & Sunday-only batch

Fees: Rs. 3,000/- (all inclusive)

Pre requisite: Basic computer knowledge

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It is a Corporate Training Gurgaon, Soft Skills Training Course in Gurgaon, Personality Development Institute in Gurgaon